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October 8, 2010
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Slight Regrets by MeliHitchcock Slight Regrets by MeliHitchcock
Piece that is getting me out of a small art funk. I always hate it when I hit that brick wall in terms of art projects and fan art is always a nice thing to fall back on. Only really have to think of what situations I want the characters to be in rather than worry about building everything from the ground up.

Anyway, yeap, the Man in Black again. :D

After a brief encounter, the brothers part ways, the MIB leaving his brother on the beach so he can go back into isolation on the island again. I didn't want to emphasize any sort of anger this time around, but rather a sense of sadness regarding the decision the MIB made against his sibling. There's a part of me that believes that while killing Jacob would have left him feeling liberated and free, he'd still be upset that he had to kill his own brother to do it. Considering the fact he knifed "mom", Jacob was the last relative he had. And he wanted Jacob to leave the island with him when he begged Jakey-boy to go with him when the villagers finally made their exodus.

I got the impression the two still had some measure of a brotherly bond, hence they could still be civil to each other when they weren't trying to one up each other. Just after a certain point in time, the resentment that the MIB harbored canceled out any feelings he once had for his bro. So consider this early in the time line. :la:
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This is brillant. Jacob's twin look is so real. I have always felt a huge sadness in this character, behind angst & fury, and your artwork exactly means it.
Hi! :aww: You have been FEATURED in my journal... INTERESTING – part 76 :iconcatsinloveplz:
Absolutely amazing.
Ciameth Jul 29, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Featured here: [link]
awww... i love Welliver's face. Great job, there!!:))
cesca-specs Dec 22, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Really nice work. Love the composition, and the level of detail. Whoooooooo.
Wow! You did a wonderful job! It makes me feel so sad for MIB. :(
It's beautiful! I love the contrasts between the dark clouds and purple lighting and the sunny, colourful beach part. :aww: Beautiful Melissa!
BellaCielo Oct 14, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
AMAZING work. <3
awesome job!! fantastic use of color. :)
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