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EDIT: Yeap, I'm still updating this, albeit slowly.  I put a link up to a new program called Artweaver (at the bottom).  It's a free program that mimics Painter.  Good alternative for those who don't have lots of cash to blow. ;)

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Ok, I’m going to start a tutorial journal just in case people want some quick links to access webpages with some good info and tips on creating things.  Links are generally from everywhere, ranging from articles, to personal artists websites, to art communities, to where ever.  If I see it and I think it has some good stuff that will help people, it will go in here. ( :  

I have tried to put these in respective categories, but if you feel something doesn’t belong please tell me and I can move it.


Just as a heads up! If you are interested in other communities for learning, try taking a look at:

CGTalk mostly specializes mainly in computer graphic arts such as digital painting and 3d animation / modeling.  It contains a gold mine of information (they have their own wiki ) as well as hosting daily sketch groups, workshops, critique boards, and other activities to help those artists seeking to improve their art.

Concept Art .org
Concept Art is another site dedicated for the serious learning artist who is interested in improving their skills.  Their forums are not nearly as large as CGTalks, and their main focus is on painting though it is not limited to the digital medium.  CA contains activities like Creature / Environment / Character  of the Week (just to name a few), a Sketchbook forum to post daily sketches or studies, Challenges, and a Critique Center which has tutorials.  

Epilogue’s site contains a forum with a smaller community than the previous two sites, but the critique boards are great for those in need of help on current projects.  There are also contests and challenges to participate in, as well as a sketchbook area for those interested in showing their daily drawings.

GFX Artist
These forums contain various sections for artists seeking help, including a Paint Over section, Work in Progress area for critiques, tutorials and tips, and an area for Speed Painting.  They also contain community competitions.

Pixel Brush
This is still a smaller forum, but it's growing fast and has had a huge variety of artists of all skills posting.  Great for feedback and critiques, and they also host Challenges and Contests.

NOTE: If you have any tutorials you like and find helpful, let me know and I'll add them to this list.  More Tutorials will come soon!


** - indicates nudity
:bulletred: - indicates New Links

Character Designs** <-- This link has to have some of the best photographs ever for artists to use for practicing their drawing skills.  Tons of images under the "photosets" link to reference off of, do visit!

Instructional Links

Art Theory / Fundamentals
Basic Art Information
Color Vision
Color Theory - by Worqx
Basic Theory, Explanations for beginners - by Natascha Roeoesli
A Practical Guide to Color for Artists - by Socar Myles
Colour Theory in a Nutshell - by Majnouna
Color Theory 1- by Ron Lemen aka Fredflickstone
Color Theory 2- by Ron Lemen aka Fredflickstone
Fundamentals pg 1 - by yamslayer
Fundamentals pg 2 - by yamslayer
Fundamentals pg 3 - by yamslayer
Fundamentals pg 4 - by yamslayer
Fundamentals pg 5 - by yamslayer
Fundamentals pg 6 - by yamslayer
Fundamentals pg 7 - by yamslayer
Fundamentals pg 8 - by yamslayer
Fundamentals pg 9 - by yamslayer
Fundamentals pg 10 - by yamslayer
Fundamentals pg 11 - by yamslayer
Fundamentals pg 12 - by yamslayer
Fundamentals pg 13 - by yamslayer
Fundamentals pg 14 - by yamslayer
Fundamentals pg 15 - by yamslayer
Fundamentals pg 16 - by yamslayer

Anatomy - Human
Digital Anatomy Painting** - by Amerasu
Character Design Tutorials and Rules - by Nebezial
Application to Learn Anatomy (also good for expressions and what muscles are used to achieve the look)
Express guide: Figure Drawing - by Majnouna
Z Big Guide to Body Drawing - by Majnouna
Head Tutorial 1- by Ron Lemen
Head Tutorial 2- by Ron Lemen
Figure Drawing 1**- by Ron Lemen
Figure Drawing 2** - by Ron Lemen
Tutorial: Human Figure - by kitten-chan

Anatomy - Animal
Basic Animal Anatomy - by Majnouna
Wing Drawing Tutorial - by Apsaravis

Visual Perception and Aesthetics
Landscape Composition - by Johannes Vloothuis
Composition - by Phil Straub
Creating Dynamic Compositions with Line Intersections - by Jean Pierre Targete
Composition: Understanding it - Using it! - by Larry Seiler

Guide to Human Types part 1 - by Majnouna
Guide to Human Types part 2 - by Majnouna
Guide to Human Types part 3 - by Majnouna
Guide to Human Types Addendum - by Majnouna
Drawing the Horse - by Majnouna
Drawing Birds pt.1 - by Majnouna
Drawing Birds pt.2 - by Majnouna
Drawing Birds pt.3 - by Majnouna
How I draw Character Poses - by pandabaka

General Drawing / Sketching
Vilppu’s Drawing How To’s articles - by Animation World Magazine and Glen Vilppu
Drawing Value - by Cherie
Types of Drawing Papers/Surfaces - by Murray Cholowsky
Basic Drawing - by Todd Cooper
Drapery Tutorials 1 and 2- by Fredflickstone

Lighting and Shading
Light and Dark - by Ron Lemen
Light Tutorial
Explaination of color and light - by Natascha Roeoesli

A Guide To Starting Acrylics - by David

Elements of Perspective
Technical Perspective - by HOON
Persepctive - Short version 2 point - by TeamGT Studios
Persepctive - Short version 2 point continued - by TeamGT Studios
Persepctive - Short version 2 point continued - by TeamGT Studios


Giving a Critique - by liiga
Taking a Critique - by liiga


livius constructed a great article which contains a lot of links to emoticon making!  Everything is broken down very nicely into its respective categories, so things should be quite easy to find!

Making Emotes: The Tutorial Master List - article by livius
How I Make Emotes - Emote Making the Zikes Way - by zikes

"How to" Tutorials

A minor note on “How to” Tutorials.  Normally I don’t like these style tutorials for beginners because I think that part of our growth as artists is to figure out how to approach something on our own.  We shouldn’t -need- a tutorial to draw a tree; what we should do is go look at a tree, then draw it as we see it.  “How To” tutorials I regard as other process paintings.  It’s looking at how other artists draw or paint subjects in different techniques.  While there is nothing wrong about learning how other artists approach things, I would always encourage beginners to first try to discover their own method first.

Painting Clouds - by Steven Stahlberg
Perfect Clouds in 5 Easy Steps - by Socar Myles
How to Make CLOUDS in PSP - by Losmios
Realistic Clouds - by Lunacore
Clouds Tutorial - by DanLuVisiArt

Ear Painting Tutorial - by twosilverstars

Katherine Dinger’s Eye Tutorial
Linda Bergkvist’s Eye Tutorial
Animal Eye Tutorial - by daisy7
Anime Eye Tutorial - Deluxe - by ryo0oki
Melissa’s Eyeball Tutoral - by MelissaFindley
Painting Eye - by AURORY
Eye Tutorial - by MIKH
:bulletred: Painting the Eye - by MelissaFindley

Painting Silk Fabric - by Natascha Roeoesli
Curtains- by wisdom-of-trees

Fur Tutorial - by Fatal-mantis85
OC Fur Tutorial - by daisy7
Fur Tutorial - by thefelinecanine
Fur Tutorial - by DanLuVisiArt

Glass Ball in Photoshop - by Lunacore  

Painting Hair - by Linda Bergkvist
Painting Hair - by Natascha Roeoesli
Painting Hair - by Katherine Dinger
Photoshop Painting Techniques: Hair and Fur - by Dave Nagel
Hair painting tutorial - by Dianae
Hair Tutorial - by liiga
How to Paint Hair - by ZombieSandwich

Hands / Feet
Drawing Hands - by Ron Lemen
All About Hands - by odduckoasis
Tutorial: Human Hands - by kitten-chan
Tutorial: Feet and Shoes - by kitten-chan

Human Head
Drawing Human Heads - by Ron Lemen

Landscapes/ Rocks/ Natural Objects
Digital Landscape Painting - by Patrick Keith
Painting Rocks and Grass in Photoshop - by Patrick Keith
Making a Background - by Elin Josefsson
How to Make Grass - by AURORY

Light / Rays / Glows
Light Rays in Photoshop - by Dave Nagel
Glow Tutorial - by thefelinecanine
Glow Tutorial - by ramy
Blast Effect - by GraphixKid

Lips / Mouths
Painting Lips - by AURORY

Interface Design in Adobe Photoshop: Pitted Metal - by Dave Nagel
Bullet Metal Tutorial - by danimation2001

Creating a rumpled paper effect in Photoshop - by Dave Nagel

Planets / Galaxies / Stars / Skys
Planet Tutorial - by Inventor
Starry Sky Tutorial - by Fatal-mantis85
Land Planet Tutorial - by ucd
Tutorial: Making a Realistic Star Field - by Greg Martin
Tutorial: Making a Planet - by Greg Martin
Painting a Night Sky with an Aurora Borealis - by MelissaFindley

Portrait Tutorial - by Jujika

:bulletred: Dinosaur Scale tut - by nebezial

Easy Way To Making Incredibly Detailed Skin...wrinkles, Pores, and now stone too - by nebezial
Painting Realistic Skin Tones with Photoshop and Painter - by Michael Yazijian
CG Session 01: Skin - by Nashya
Skin Painting Tutorial - by CrazyDwarf
Skin Tutorial - by engelszorn

Stone Texture - by
Stone Wall - by Lunacore

Water Background Tutorial - by kaykaykit
Water Drops in Photoshop - by Lunacore

Creating Geometric Paint Effects in Photoshop - by Dave Nagel
Create a Crack - by Lunacore

Other Medium Techniques

:bulletred: How to Dye Paper - by hibbary

Painting Techniques

Coloring in Photoshop - by damie-m
Painting Digitally - by ramy
Fox Fire - Tutorial - by Ashwings
Painting Digitally - by Abuze
Digital Coloring Part I - Adobe Photoshop 7 - by Chris Arlidge
Digital Coloring Part II - Adobe Photoshop 7 - by Chris Arlidge
Basic Photoshop Painting Techniques for Technical Illustrations - by Kevin Hulsey
Photoshop Ghosting Tips, Tricks, and Techniques for Technical Illustrations - by Kevin Hulsey
Painting in Photoshop CS for Technical Illustrators - by Kevin Hulsey
Portrait Painting Tutorial - by acidlullaby
Quick Coloring Tutorial - by Abuze
Lineart Tutorial - by Andoledius
Fausto - Step by Step - by AlMaNeGrA
Digital Painting Tips - by BikerScout
Tea WIP Combo - by BikerScout
Video Tutorial - Photoshop - by engelszorn
Create a Watercolor Painting in Photoshop - by Dani Draws
Texture: How to Make Better Art with Jelly Beans - by Dani Draws
Lineart Tutorial - by LuLuMoo
Photoshop CG: Part One - by GunnerRomantic
Photoshop CG: Part Two - by GunnerRomantic
Photoshop CG: Part Three - by GunnerRomantic
Mini Painting Tutorial - by juliedillon
Centaur - Painting Tutorial - by thegryph
:bulletred: Digital Painting Tutorial - by Dianae
:bulletred: HyP – Step by Step pt 1 - by dark-spider
:bulletred: HyP – Step by Step pt 2 - by dark-spider
:bulletred: HyP – Step by Step pt 3 - by dark-spider
:bulletred: HyP – Step by Step pt 4 - by dark-spider
:bulletred: HyP – Step by Step pt 5 - by dark-spider

Illustrator (or any Vector Program)
CS Vector Tutorial 2 - by yajido
CS Vector Tutorial 3 - by yajido
Creating Line Drawings in Illustrator - by Dani Draws

Corel Painter
Ligatio: the Walkthrough - by liiga
Old Gold: Fantasy Portrait from start to finish. - by MelissaFindley

:bulletred: Painting Demo - by MarcoBucci

Traditional Mediums
Anime Watercolor Tutorial. - by MeredithDillman

Software Specific

Adobe Illustrator
Pattern Brushes in Adobe Illustrator - by Dave Nagel
Creating Custom Brushes for Illustrator, part 2 - by Dave Nagel

Adobe Photoshop
Photoshop Tips for Beginners 1 - by Dave Nagel
Photoshop Tips for Beginners 2 - by Dave Nagel
Photoshop Tips for Beginners 3 - by Dave Nagel
Photoshop Tips for Beginners 4 - by Dave Nagel
Photoshop Basics: Gradients - by Dave Nagel
Making Natural Brushes for PS - by Duffzilla
Tutorial Color Adjust - by Abuze
General Photoshop Tutorial - by BlackBirdInk (visual layout guide)
Make Your Own Photoshop Brushes - by Dani Draws

ArtRage 2
Have Fun With ArtRage 2 - by zhuzhu

Corel Painter
Tips and Tricks for Corel Painter IX - by Robert Chang
Creating Brushes in Corel Painter IX - by Dave Nagel
Keeping Painter 6,7, and 8 Running Smoothly - by Jinbrown
Hot-Rodding your Brushes in Corel Painter - by pixlart

Open Canvas
Complete Guide to Open Canvas - by Luthien-Rogue

Process Paintings

Photoshop specific
Digital Paint for OFDW Caravaggio Master Copy - by DigitalSol
Advanced Digital Painting Techniques - by Socar Myles
The Making of “Dawn’ - by aiRaGe
Illustrations with Photoshop: A Designer’s Notebook - by Nicolas Fructus
Seheiah - Walkthrough - by Melanie Delon
Character Painting and Design I - by TeamGT Studios
Character Painting and Design II - by TeamGT Studios
I might smile tomorrow - by AquaSixio
Coloring Tutorial Part 1 - by Overweight-Cat
Coloring Tutorial Part 2 - by Overweight-Cat
Clever layer Player? (painting using layers) - by AquaSixio
Coloring Overview - by ZombieSandwich
Making of Someone Loves You - by ZombieSandwich
Digital Stippling - by BikerScout
The Making of Moonlight Sorrow - by Elin Josefsson
Medieval Armor Tutorial - by Daarken
Roman Soldier Tutorial - by Daarken
Regard Steps - by MIKH
Nose bleeding Step by Step - by DanielaUhlig
:bulletred: Airships Progress - by AlexRuizArt
:bulletred: The Fountain Process - by AlexRuizArt
:bulletred: Rebel Hideout Process - by AlexRuizArt

Corel Painter specific
Face Progression - by MelissaFindley
Winged Vamp Tutorial - by Uwe Jarling
Splash Walkthrough - by arcipello
:bulletred: Blood and Gold: Progression - by MelissaFindley

Combination Software
Making of "Witchcraft" - by Wang Wei
Moonlight Lovers - Walkthrough - by Robert Chang
Scythe the Wolf - Walkthrough - by Robert Chang
Blood Siren - Walkthrough - by Robert Chang
Intergalactic Tutorial Session - by HOON
:bulletred: Elfia Tips HR Version - by MIKH
:bulletred: Colibris Steps - by MIKH
:bulletred: Dark Angel Steps - by MIKH
:bulletred: Ava Study - by MIKH
:bulletred: CG Coloring Tutorial - by Tirael
:bulletred: Woman and Cats How To Advanced - by Zzanthia

Scribbly bits & Ink - by ursulav
Step - by - step of Awakening - by Saimain

Digital Unknown
Tutorial: Shining Throne - by nJoo
Tutorial: Lost Adventurer - by nJoo
Lava Swimmer Process - by nJoo
Don Diego Steps - by MIKH
Jealousy - by Steven Stahlberg
TinFins Progress - by GunnerRomantic

Educational Links

Anatomy of the Human Body - by Henry Gray
Dipping into Digital - by liiga

Misc. Tutorial Sites

Tutorials by Skjoldbroder
Contains: “How to…” Paint clouds, mountains, metal, fur, blood, planets.  Contains some basic photoshop information too)
Tutorials by Linda Bergkvist
Contains: “How to…” Paint noses, hair, eyes, blend skin, and great custom Photoshop brushes.
Website of Benita Winckler aka Dunklegold
Contains: 2 walkthroughs and 1 Tutorial on making custom Photoshop brushes
Digital Media Designer
Contains: Good grief, I can’t count how many tutorials, all ranging from photo manipulation, to Adobe Illustrator, to 3D material to editing.  The Download section has copious amounts of brushes by Dave Nagel for Photoshop.  All are very handy!
Blue Sfear
Contains: Many tutorials about multiple programs (photoshop, flash, 3D studio max etc)
Contains: Many tutorials about a variety of subjects
Trevor Morris Tutorials
Contains: Many tutorials mostly about Photoshop
Photoshop Tutorials
Contains: Many tutorials mostly about Photoshop.  Lots of categories to look under.
Contains: Many tutorials mostly about Photoshop.  Lots of categories to look under.

Art Programs / Software

Graphic / Paint Software
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Corel Painter
Paintshop Pro
Open Canvas
ArtRage 2
:bulletred: Art Weaver

My lil Sis :>


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The Daily Sketch Forum at CGTalk allows people to post in whatever medium they're comfortable with. Some of their workshops do, too. The focus is on digital, (hence the CG) but I've never seen anyone booted out for drawing in pencil. :)

Can't speak for Concept Art.
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That alright by you?
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MelissaFindley Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2007  Professional General Artist
I've noticed that myself. I have a couple in the works, but not done yet. Though there a few small ones I've done in Painter, and walk thrus. Some day I'm going to add them to my own site, but for now:

Just a brief, visual walk through, not especially helpful: [link]
Also a walkthrough, but with some text: [link]
I did this one for Sirielle (using her image, so you might want her go ahead): [link]
Painting an Aurora Borealis: [link]

Dunno if you have these or not yet, but I've been storing them up:
Photoshop, layers: [link]
Photoshop, coloring a pencil drawing: [link]
General Photoshop tutorial: [link]
Follow up to the last one, same artist: [link]
Combo Painter/Photoshop tutorial: [link]
A watercolor (non digital) tutorial: [link]
MeliHitchcock Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
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And those other tutorials I don't think I've added to my list either! Nice find especially for the general Photoshop layout and windows! I know lots of people get confused about where stuff is, and that explains everything so well with all the visuals.
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A lot of what you have though could be applied traditionally as well as digitally
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